15 July 2018

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Quantity, Satisfaction and Influential factors on Use of Subscribed Databases by Faculty Members of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Academic Year:2006-2007

Ebrahim Salmani Nodooshan

Dr. Davood Hosseini-Nasab

Shafi Habibi

Jan. 2008

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Statement of Tabriz Medical Science University M.S Graduates, Professional Doctorate Assistants and PhD Thesis Research Methods for 1964-2004

Abbas Doulani

Dr. Gholam Hossein Tasbihi &

Dr. Behrooz Niknafs

Dr. Davood Hosaini Nasab

June 2008

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A Survey to current status of the Knowledge Management among Librarians and Staffs of Tabriz University of Medical sciences College Libraries

Mehdi Hajebrahimi

Dr. Abbas Shafaei

Dr. Zakiye Piri

& Shafi Habibi

July 2008

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A research on Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Central and College Libraries Staff, Collection, Space and Budget Comparison with Iranian University Libraries, and Association of College and Research Libraries, (ACRL) Standards

Kamal Ebrahimi

Dr. Gholam Hossein Tasbihi

Shafi Habibi

September 2008

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A study of publication on Breast Neoplasm in Iran using the information available in Medline compared to other Middle East countries ( 1965- 2008)

Susan Shahkhodabandeh

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Biglu

Dr.  Zakiye Piri, Dr Masoud Asadi &Hossein kooshavar

July 2010

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The Study of Quantity and Quality of Iran Medical Universities Scientific Productions during 1999-2008 in the web of Science (WOS)

Fahime Abbasi

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Biglu

Dr.  Zakiye Piri&Hossein kooshavar

July 2010

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A study of Matthew Effect on Science Productions of Iranian Medical Universities on the basis of University Research Developing Index in a Five year Period in the Web of Science

Sara Jalalzadeh asrejadidi

Dr. Abdolnasser Rafi & Dr. Mohammad Hossein Biglu

Dr. Gholam Hossein Tasbihi

August 2010

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A Survey of Influential Factors on H-Index from the viewpoints of Tabriz University of Medical sciences s Faculties in 2009 -2010

Razieh Tabaghi

Dr. Ali Rashidi

Shafi Habibi

& Abdolrassul Shafaiyan

September 2010

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