15 July 2018
  General Regulations and Disciplines

All members should observe following cases in libraries in order to respect books and library:

  • Islamic cover and manners in library and reading rooms
  • They can not carry their bags to the library. Use of lap top will be allowed with permission of the library.
  • Order, discipline and silence in library are expected and the members should avoid unnecessary traffic in halls and reading rooms and creating noise.
  • They are not allowed to use other members' card or give their card to others. The services will be offered only through authentic and original ID card.
  • Not damaging library equipments such as chairs and desks
  • Observing discipline in using the books and cooperating with book-keepers to qualitatively and quantitatively enhance services and efficiency of the library
  • Avoiding displacement of library facilities and equipments, opening and closing windows, using desks and other equipments which are specific to the personnel
  • Informing the book-keepers (library) from insufficiency or lack of the requested resources
  • Non-smoking and avoiding from having any edible in the library and reading rooms
  • Illegally taking the resources out of library (without permission)
  • Respecting book-keepers, personnel and non-insulting colleagues
  • General damage to resources and avoiding causing any disorder in the computer system such as using illegitimate sites.