15 July 2018

Regulations of Using the Library

Following groups can be a member of paramedical library of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Health & Treatment Services:

  1. Academic members, students of all educational programs, personnel of the paramedical faculty (official, contractual)

Note 1: Membership of part-time, hourly-paid, invited instructors, guest students, academic members and personnel cooperating with the faculty in other ways will be accepted by submitting recommendation letter of the chancellor or educational vice-dean of the paramedical faculty

Note 2: other academic members, students and personnel of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Health and Treatment Services will be allowed to receive books only through providing their authentic ID card.

Membership Conditions:

  • Providing authentic ID card or student card
  • Filling membership request form
  • Providing a photo

Membership Duration:

  • Students' membership will be valid until their student card expiration.
  •  Membership of academic members and the university personnel will be valid until their occupation in the university.
  • Membership duration of the part-time and hourly-paid instructors will last to the end of one educational semester.

Book Borrowing

  • The members can benefit the library services only through providing their membership card.
  • The applicant can take the book out of library considering its deadline after registering the book features in computer and receiving the call slip on which the features of the book have been written.
  • While delivering the books, the borrowers should be sure from returning the book to the system through cooperation of the library authorities.
  • The book-keeper is allowed to avoid from borrowing one version of the book which is requested by many applicants.
  • The library will keep those resources which are requested by many applicants and preparing its more copies is not possible. These resources should only be used in library. These cases will be recognized based on request of the educational Department s as well as report of borrowing section and its confirmation by head of the library.
  • Before the date specified for returning the book and if the book has not been pre-requested, borrowers can extend its duration in person or through phone call


  • If the applicant's requested book is borrowed, he/she can offer his/her pre-request to the borrowing section to save the book.
  • The applicant should refer to the library at the date specified on book pre-request.
  • The library should save the requested book for the applicant for more 24 hours after the specified date, if the applicant does not refer the library on time.
  • The borrower should return the book at the specified date.
  • If the borrowed book is not returned at the specified date, borrowing of the book will be avoided to the applicant for three days per each day of delay.

Compensating Damages to Books

Borrower is responsible for preserving and taking care of books and other borrowed items.

  • Borrowers and users of library resources will be liable to compensate the lose according to comment of the library authorities if they damage, spoil, lose them or delete kinds of information from the resources (in the form of tearing, crossing out, separating the sheets and figures of the written materials, deleting data from audio and video tapes and computer software).
  • The members are obliged to purchase the same book and submit it to the library if they can not return the borrowed book to the library in original.
  • If the members take resources out of the library or archive, for any reason or way, without permission and conducting required formalities, it will be registered in their administrative or educational file and their membership card will be canceled. In addition to membership cancellation, legal actions will be taken, if required.

Use of Books at Resources Site

  • The users are not permitted to take the resources out of archive. If so, their membership card will be canceled and it will be registered in their administrative or educational file.
  • In case of any damage to the used resources (tearing the volume or pages, marking and staining the books, etc.,), the borrower should compensate the loss according to comments of the library expert.

Copying the Library Resources and Materials

  • The library may deliver the saved book to another applicant if he/she does not refer after the date specified in section 3.

Number of Resources and Duration of Borrowing:

  • Academic members: 10 vols. for one month  
  • Master students: 5 vols. for two weeks
  • Bachelor students: 3 vols. for two weeks 
  • Faculty personnel: 3 vols. for two weeks 


Those library resources introduced by instructors as research and educational resources and are requested by more than 5 applicants, will be transferred from the library main set to the limit borrow section during the educational semester. The requested resources of this section will be borrowed to the applicant only for 48 hours.

Note 1: The borrowing duration may be extended for more 48 hours if there is no other applicant.

Fine for Delays:

  • Copying the theses is not allowed. Every misuse from theses will be legally pursued.
  • Copying the resources available in reference section (except theses) will be allowed in case of coordinating with the related authority.


·       All students are obliged to obtain and submit their library liquidation note to the education Department after graduation, withdrawal from their guest, transfer or leave.

·       Invited academic members and guest students should obtain and submit their liquidation sheet considering central library, documents center, and faculty library to the education Department or the related secretariat before termination of their cooperation period or graduation.

·       Academic members, in case of breaking off their employment relation (resignation, transfer, scientific mission and leave for more than one year) and personnel (resignation, transfer, administrative mission, retirement or leave for more than one year) should obtain their liquidation sheet from library.

·       The university libraries are obliged to introduce those guest, hourly-paid, and part-time instructors who have not returned their borrowed resources at the specified date to the library to the financial affairs of the faculty for liquidation at the end of every educational semester.